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Thursday, June 05, 2014


Under blue skies, we resumed our picnic table and the tree under which it sat and set about what the Hipsters would call “Ikea Hacking”, a term given to loosely describe taking bits of that particular manufacturer’s product meant for one thing, and turning them into something else.   

It seemed only fair, that given our bedroom sideboard at home is concocted from parts of Swedish kitchen, that our galley on the boat should be made from parts of the same company’s bedroom system.

Thus it was that a whole day passed while trying to find a practical way of fitting square metal baskets into spaces which were very much not.

It is surprising really, how quickly one can become if not fond of, at least accustomed to one’s environment.  For instance the colour of our dear Joyeux’s interior has been described by ourselves variously as “drab”, “ugh”, or perhaps “beige on a dark cream background”.   On the day we first saw the boat, Jacques, in his characteristically off-handed sales manner offered without prompting that if we didn’t like the interior then perhaps with some handyman work we could change the colour quite soon after.  After exactly what we never found out, and therefore "quite soon after" never arrived, so when the classic Ikea baskets arrived in any colour as long as it was white, that would never do.

We discovered that our horrid “dark cream” did not at all blend with bright white baskets, and further, it had a name.


That is how it came to be that we spent the afternoon watching (ivory) paint dry.

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