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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hanging up the tools

We were anxious to get away.  Just about anywhere would do really, just to see if all the mechanical bits were interconnected correctly, but the galley was still in bits and the “workshop” under the tree is a comfortable place to get things done after all.   

Besides, Maggie and Jacques were due back from their holiday tonight and it would be lovely we thought if they,  Jacques in particular since he's been the cornerstone of this whole things since the day he sold us the boat, could share the moment of Mr Perkins’ resurrection with us, and that would have to wait till tomorrow.

After an entire day working under the tree, except for the two or three hundred visits back to the boat to check that things fitted where they should, the job was done, the transformation complete.

I don’t think the other of us would have been happier if I’d built and air conditioner.

OK, maybe if I’d built an air conditioner she would, but in truth the transformation is quite satisfying and for now the work is finished.

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