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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Stressed and Cranky

We felt a bit hollow this morning, as one does when good friends depart after a wonderful stay.  We watched the Danish pair go and immediately became fed up with not being able to load any credit on the mobile phone no matter what avenue of assistance we tried.  

We consoled ourselves with the thought that perhaps someone would materialise to put the cables and springs and ball bearings on our floor back into the gizmos from which they came.

In retrospect this was of no consolation at all, because no one did actually materialise, and the ball bearings and springs therefore failed to move at all which simply added to our impatience.

We sat over a coffee trying to work out why we actually needed the boat operational so that we could sit on it and do nothing, and when we concluded that  we  actually didn’t, and if the boat wasn’t going we couldn’t find ourselves in a position where we would need the phone to call for assistance, so that problem disappeared as well.

Thus placated, normal transmission resumed and we happily whiled away the day in the best cruising manner.  While the workshop table stood somewhat forlorn, waiting for a better day perhaps, we were looking at the marks where the cupboards had been and wondering just how many times the galley has been remodelled.

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