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Monday, June 02, 2014

Road Trip to Obernai
Largarde to Obernai by car

It seemed such a pity to waste a tidy, well organised boat by living on it, so when Jørn and Birgit suggested we join them in a little drive in the country, I’m afraid we must have looked a little like excited puppies, sitting in the car waiting for them to get their stuff together.

We are based on the edge of one of the largest forests in Europe, and between a couple of the world’s great wine regions although when I think about it, it would be quite difficult to find a place in France that wouldn’t claim to be between a couple of the world’s great wine regions, but one would have thought that it wouldn’t be difficult to find a route for a day’s tour.   

That is not really how it works for us though, as we had all know the area surrounding the waterways quite well, and we couldn’t make up our collective minds, so we just sort of followed our noses for a bit, up hill and down dale through forest and vineyard until about lunch o’clock, where almost not quite coincidentally we were within a shouted drinks order of Obernai.  We’ve been there before of course, it’s old and touristy and Alsace to the core and trades heavily on all of that, so a lunch of traditional vegetable stew seemed to offset the (summer) chill outside very nicely indeed.

It goes without saying that we all arrived home tired but happy.  So tired, that the other two, who speak Engish perhaps better than we despite it being their third or perhaps sixteen language, were having difficulty finding some words.   We, just as tired, were unable to find any words at all in Danish or for that matter in any of the several other languages on offer and in the absence of further conversation retired for the night..... morning.


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