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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Le Tour! -

We thought about moving today but sensibly lay down for a while reading until that thought had passed.  Then, we had a coffee while we made a list of things we could do to fill in time until our evening rendezvous with Paul and Carla.   Since they are moored directly behind us, we have to draw some sort of distinction between our evening rendezvous which tends to involve copious quantities of food, and the constant chats that happen during the day which don’t. Similarly we draw a distinction between our new “cruising jobs” list, and our list marked “things to do urgently”, although both look vaguely similar and are rarely checked.

One of the nice things about Toul is that the only plants within the walls of the town are to be found in the two main traffic roundabouts, one of which serves as a town “square”.   Presumably because of the scarcity of planting, the council throws a lot of energy into creating elaborately themed gardens in these focal points, with a different scheme each year.   This year, just two weeks from now the Tour de France will charge past the town, exactly fifty metres from where our boat lies, and to celebrate that the gardens are definitely themed “bicycle”.  

A massive pile up of bikes sits at the town’s gate, while in the centre the fountain is surrounded by monster bikes of various kinds leaving no doubt as to what season it is.

We were ready to move on tomorrow we thought, but it’s only two weeks till the tour comes through.

The Tour de France:  should we go, or should we stay?

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