Legends from our own lunchtimes

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Ready for all comers!
Still in Lagarde!

We woke without hangovers but with four great concerns this morning.

  • We will have been on the boat a week this evening and our stuff is still not entirely sorted.
  • We  are concerned about that, which is a sure sign that we haven’t yet flicked the switch that takes us into cruising mode.
  • Our friends Jørn and Birgit are arriving from Denmark tonight and we don’t actually have their bed sorted yet.
  • Even if we did have their bed sorted, we don’t actually have the floors in place, let alone a working kitchen.

By the miracle that is lunchtime though, in no particular order all of our concerns had been addressed, and we found ourselves kicking back in cruising mode, snoozing the afternoon away and generally preparing ourselves for a long night of conversation.   

We felt exactly as we imagine the people in the village must feel when the last log is stacked on the firewood pile, ready for whatever winter may bring.


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