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Friday, June 20, 2014

Chocks away!
Lagarde to Nancy

I would dearly love to say that we left Lagarde on time and that not one bolt rattled loose, not a drop of oil was spilt on our journey and things went so smoothly that we decided to just keep going all day without a break.  Where is the story, the grand adventure if you will, in that?

That is exactly what happened though; eight hours of faultless performance in a boat that actually went where we wanted it to go and when we wanted it to go there.  That is a novelty which will take a day or two to get used to, the nearest we came to a mishap was when I dropped a few crumbs from my sandwich while eating on the run.  Even the good Captain, usually a reluctant helmpersoness, preferring to take a more senior management role in the running of the ship, was heard to say while taking a turn at the wheel, that it was quite pleasant!

So with nothing to report, we arrived in Nancy in one day for the first time ever, and celebrated our arrival the way we traditionally do here, by  waiting in the main city square for the sun to depart, which it does around eleven pm, sitting through the world famous sound and light show, before wandering aimlessly, contentedly if you will, back to the boat to ponder the day that was, or on days like this with so little to ponder, to sleep.

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