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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not quite making progress.

Today started with such promise.   The sun came up, which is always a good sign, and a quick check of the internet showed that the parcel with our errant equipment was due to arrive sometime today.   

That was about the time things started to go awry. The computer, in its wisdom, began as they say in the classics, to pine for the fjords.  Disturbingly, given that I had installed a brand new hard drive a few weeks before heading for Europe, it had simply disappeared from sight!  Gone. It wasn’t pining, it wasn’t asleep, it was to put it simply:


As one who is fairly meticulous about back-ups, almost everything is properly stored in triplicate tucked away in safe spots, so all is not lost - just the photos of the journey thus far, which while sad, perhaps it’s simply a confirmation that in adventure terms at least, the last few weeks have been forgettable! 

When the nice folk send me a replacement drive from America later this week, I suspect it will be business as usual.  

But things didn't really improve after breakfast.  Just as I was scraping out a failed fibreglass repair to the shower floor, the all of the steering parts arrived, or at least all of the steering parts except just one little bit that was supposed to be fitted to the cable wasn’t.  Oh well I’m sure it will be here in a few more days!

Perhaps I was thinking quietly to myself that today wasn’t going particularly well, when the one tool to which I am both physically and emotionally attached, my terribly expensive replacement Leatherman gadget (replacement for the one that I dropped overboard a year or two ago), decided to dive from my unzipped pocket and failed to resurface.   Today was definitely not going according to plan!

With a little perseverance and a very big magnet, I eventually retrieved the Leatherman, another curtain was finished, and by the look of the dashboard we only need to do a bit more work and we’ll be in top shape once again, so all is not lost!

Perhaps the new delay is just one way of ensuring that we don’t move until the last of the orange curtains has been replaced.


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