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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No rest for the wicked.
- Toul to Joigny

We are mid fleeting-visit to Toul, so spent a good deal of time yesterday evening visiting they to whom we owed a visit in the upper harbour, which gave us a splendid opportunity to walk back to the boat in the glow of the setting sun.  This is mentioned only by way of explanation for the photograph above, which bears no relationship to the events of today.

Joigny is a little Medieval village somewhere in Burgundy, a long way from Toul as it happens but not as far away as Orléans where we need to be by Friday evening.   Ron and Robyn made the mistake of telling us they were there, and had guests so perhaps it would not be a good time to visit, but we only heard the “they are there” part, hired a car, fussed around for a good part of the day washing, leaving last minute instructions with Duncan as he dismantled the bits of Mr P, and arranging to hire a car for the journey.

By the time we arrived it was evening once again, and travel weary, we were forced to settle in for a long night of conviviality, for which after spending the two previous nights alone, we were apparently long overdue. 

“Lonely” is not a term that comes readily to mind when we are asked to describe the life we lead in this country. 

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