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Monday, September 08, 2014

Commuting on the Moselle
- Toul to Pont-a-Mousson

We have some time juggling to do.  

We have an appointment in Orleans in less than two week’s time, and have planned to leave the boat with Duncan then to tidy up a few things.  With that in mind we spent much of the morning deep in conversation with him, making lists of parts that would be needed and things to do with them when they arrived, and when that was done we simply set off down the river.

We thought that we would make a mad dash for Metz, where we could hide for a week, have a holiday, write some blog posts and lie around for a bit while we recovered from the rigours of the journey.   “Mad dash” means travelling all day at breakneck speeds, resting only at night when the locks are closed and we are unable to travel, putting vast distances beneath our keel.

By the close of play we had averaged almost six kilometres per hour for seven hours and very satisfyingly reached Pont-a-Mousson, a little over half distance.   

Even more satisfyingly, there is a spectacular bakery in Pont-a-Mousson just in the main square, where we knew we would be able to find baguettes and eclairs and enough items in the essential food groups to ensure we would travel on the morrow in even higher spirits than we had today.

There is no point in juggling time on an empty stomach.

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