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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's in a name?
- Metz

Sometimes there is a lot of imagination used in naming buildings and businesses.  So much imagination in fact that the name doesn’t actually give a clue as to what happens within.

This is not the case in Metz, where the Covered Market is named rather explicitly “Covered Market”.   Within the walls of that building, or perhaps beneath its covers, there is a little cafe called “Soups and Soups”.  In other cities the menu perhaps would be a mystery, but in Metz there was no need to guess.

Peter and Joan hadn’t been lonely exactly when we pulled in beside them yesterday, but, aware of our impending arrival they had taken the precaution of reserving a table for lunch for all of us at the said “Soups and Soups” no doubt in case we should be in need of sustenance after our lengthy voyage.    They had gone one step further and requested that from the time we arrived for lunch, the staff were to speak with us only in French.

Since our waitress whose name was not, but perhaps in the naming convention presently being discussed should have been something like "Laughing Ray of Sunshine", was an acting student and comedienne, she had no difficulty communicating all manner of  messages without the need for us to resort to a dictionary.  

We departed, satiated with aching cheeks from smiling and wondering what other names could have been appropriate for the establishment.  “Cheaper than Chips” perhaps, or even “Great Times Cafe”.

Fortunately, Peter left his cap behind, so felt compelled on retrieving it to make a reservation for an encore on Friday next.

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