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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pea Soup

OK, if we had hoped that today would be warmer than yesterday we were to be sadly disappointed.

We waited till it had warmed up a bit late morning to slink off to the shops, gloved hands in pockets with the pharmacy thermometer piercing the fog with a cheery green glow assuring us that the temperature had reached a hopeful nine degrees.  By the time we had finished shopping visibility had improved to the extent that we could see the cathedral across the gloom.

The only person who wasn't visibly cheerier on our return was Duncan, working as he was on our dear Mr Perkins, failing to either stay warm or clean by wearing a pair of surgical gloves that tore as soon as he looked at anything vaguely colder than he was, or covered in oil.   After several hours he had also failed almost entirely to stem the leaks in  the injection system that had plagued us all year.  

We thought the problem may just go away with the new lines installed, but we hadn’t taken into account that there were a couple of built-in flaws in the new parts as well.

Eventually, the sun came out, the sky turned blue, the temperature rose into double figures, we all smiled at each other.  Duncan wandered of to his shed in search of some brazing equipment.

At least this year the fog is not of our making.

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