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Monday, September 22, 2014

Life in a Cold Room
- Toul

We quite liked the late Autumn/early Winter feel about the place as we wandered around Toul in the fog this morning.    

We would have liked it more if the temperature had been early Autumn instead of the ridiculous single figure number that it was.  When we left to take the car back to the hire place the sun was starting to poke through the fog, and it seemed clear to us that things would improve in very short time.

Therefore it was an uncomfortable surprise when, in concert with our return of and therefore exiting from the nicely heated car, the sun disappeared between a thickening fog and we found ourselves just a scarf, a hat, a pair if gloves and a coat shy of being adequately dressed for the stroll home.    

We would have complained about it too, if it hadn’t been for Duncan when we arrived back, working apparently happily in his shorts and open necked shirt.

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