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Friday, September 05, 2014

Pagny-sur-Meuse to Toul to Void and to Toul again

We had left Graham and Iris’ car in Void of course, planning to return by train once we’d arrived in Toul.   

I had occurred to us that the absence of a station or even a hint of a train line in Void would make this something of a challenge, but we thought that perhaps a solution would just jump out from behind a tree or something and it would all work out in the end.  As it turned out after making exhaustive enquiries, the alternatives seemed to be fairly limited.

We could of course walk, or perhaps borrow a bicycle from the garden in the town square which quite confusingly is actually a circle, but we couldn’t get a consensus on either of those options.  Since the shortest route back was on a national motorway, any thoughts that Graham and I had held regarding riding our own bikes back were forcibly erased from our databanks by the others in our quartet.

No problem is insurmountable however, so when the nice lady in the taxi asked us if we would like a lift, we could hardly refuse.

Twenty minutes was all it took to retrace our journey of the last two days, and a further twenty minutes saw the car repatriated.  

Note to file: In the event of a circumstance arising from which there is a desperate need to flee, a canal boat should not be considered appropriate for getaway purposes.

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