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Saturday, September 20, 2014

- Orléans

We’ve been in to the city often in the past.  It’s where we have had all our immigration dealings for instance, but we’ve never been tourists here.  Today we decided that we would wander round and explore the place at random, and if it hadn’t been for the rain we may well have done exactly that.   

We settled in the end for lunch in a warm cafe and enough of a walk around to convince us with just a patch of blue appearing in the sky that we should return to play tourist at a later, warmer, sunnier date.

It felt almost as though the weather had drained our energy, although it may very well have been the events of the past few days combined with perhaps a shortage of what the cowboy’s in the movies refer to as “shut-eye”.    If it was the fault of the weather, given that winter is still a long way off is a bit of a disconcerting thought for those who aren’t going to be escaping it any time soon.

We escaped into the warmth of Sebastian’s place for the evening though, where Monique laid out her own plans to get away to places like Morocco and Martinique and in a moment of chocolate mousse-fuelled weakness, we even elicited a promise that she would visit Moffat Beach.

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