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Thursday, September 18, 2014

All is calm, all is bright
- Joigny to La Ferté Saint-Aubin via Tours

For a short while this morning we sat over breakfast in perfect peace, drinking coffee and watching the reflection of the the workers making their way through the vineyards above the village as they readied themselves for their day’s labour.

We were intent on carrying that tranquility into our day, though we were not to know that there would be no further time for reflection this day as our little two hour drive to la Ferté Saint-Aubin turned itself into a marathon.  

We thought since we had a little time up our sleeves a little detour through Migennes with Ron and Robyn would be nice (and it was), stopping off for a little sight seeing on the way back was no hardship, particularly as we could time it perfectly so that they would feel obliged to feed us before we set off again.

It was therefore late in the afternoon when we arrived in Marcilly-en-Villette, feeling not surprisingly a little as though we had been on the road all day.   Here, we were greeted by Celine and Dume and the news that that we had been invited to the opening of a gallery in Tours, “about” an hour away and if we left “now” we would have plenty of time to be there, so we would catch up over dinner after the event.

We finally arrived at Jackie’s place just after our coach, had we been in another story would have turned into a pumpkin, feeling as though it had been a very long time indeed since that breakfast photograph had been taken, and hoping that the vineyard workers at least had managed an earlier night!

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