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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Cruising Sunset
- Pont-a-Mousson to Metz

Contrary to many journals, cruising is mostly not about deprivation, or near misses, or danger and sudden changes in weather.   On the rivers and canals it can be difficult at times to find something that raises one’s heart rate as far as “resting”.

Sometimes it can be a gentle tootle down a river, with nothing to dodge but the odd monster barge or hotel boat.  We have to pinch ourselves when we are reminded that some people pay almost as much as our boat is worth to do what we do for just a week, sitting on their cruise ships watching the poor people float past in their little fibreglass tubs and doubtless wondering how that life could possibly be described as fun.  

They can’t see the fresh eclairs and the steaming coffee or the warm baguettes that we use to keep our strength up on our passage.    

But we are not selfish, we are generous enough to share our secret with them if they care to partake, why just this very evening we gave them a glimpse of our sunset.

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