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Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Trails
- Nancy

We gave Trev a bit of a whirlwind-around-Nancy quasi-guided tour, before stopping for a relaxed lunch in the market and gently bunging him on a train for points south.

After that we high-tailed back it to the harbour to try to catch up on as much harbour news as we could.  Petra has moved in for winter, Stéphane has almost finished insulating his boat at last, Ronald has his busker organ working again, and so it went.   They all suggested we should stay another night or two and perhaps we should, after all we like it here and we like this eclectic bunch of stationary itinerants far more than our all too short bi-annual visits would imply, but we are now being drawn upstream like a moth to a flame.

I would have said we are being drawn upstream like a pair of spawning salmon, but would in all probability have received a disapproving sidelong glance so I refrained.

We have a bit to do before we leave, but as we have for the moment at least plenty of time to do it, things for now are quite under control. We we are quite aware however that in two weeks time when there is a pure white vapour trail scribed against the clear blue Autumn sky,  it would be quite nice for it to have been made by an aeroplane on which we are travelling, so we will move tomorrow and relax later if there is time.

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