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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A plan begins to develop -
Rochers du Saussois to Accolay

We might have bought an ice-cream today or perhaps a cool drink if there’d been anywhere along our little walk that even remotely hinted that there might be such things within, but there weren’t.   

Our little amble of a kilometre or two turned into ten more as we wandered in the shimmering heat through wheat fields and rapeseed pods, then along the river in the shade by streams, through villages bereft of any commerce or even sign of life for that matter except for the trucks that thundered through.   

Back on the boat it slowly dawned on us that we had but one day left until we reach Auxerre.  Just one day left to explore the Canal du Nivernais, and one day of those cute little lock-keeper’s houses.  One day until we are back in commercial sized locks, mixing it with commercial- sized shipping.    We are going to miss it all for a time we think.

But we have come up with a plan.   We had one earlier too, and then another, and we gave ourselves until Auxerre to decide which route we would take next.   Now we have know where we are heading and to tempt fate we have even made a booking.

We are heading to the big smoke.   


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