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Thursday, June 04, 2015

There goes our neighbourhood! -
Villier-sur-Yonne to Clamecy

We thought we’d be clever getting into Clamency early, hopefully to find a spot in the delightful little harbour that was to our liking, and there we would sit quietly for a few days, relaxing and gently exploring the village.   

By and large it was a good plan too, and we did find a spot and for at least half an hour before the hordes of Brits and New Zealanders we had been in company with for a few days arrived, we enjoyed a certain tranquility.  After their arrival though, the sort of relaxation we had planned for the afternoon gave way to a different kind that didn’t involve silence and horizontality.

It is just as well that the barbecue had been set up in the shade beside our boat, because if we had come by carriage it would well and truly have turned into pumpkin by the time the washing up was done.


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