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Monday, June 29, 2015

Lunch with mayor -
Lagny-sur-Marne to Meaux

There’s what promises to be a sustained a heat wave rolling over Europe, and if it had not been pre-ordained we may well have thought to find an air-conditioned restaurant off our own bat.

Since Joan and Peter were taking the trouble of finding a train to Meaux for a lunch with us in time rendezvous on their last day in France this year, we thought it only fair that we actually arrived where we said we would meet them, so there was to be no sleeping late this day.

We arrived in Meaux before the appointed hour, and even by midday as we entered the darkened air conditioned heart of our luncheon venue the heat was beginning to be of the searing kind. We had barely settled in when a gentleman dressed in an expensive-looking business suit and tie approached our table, notably without pen or pad, as if to announce the specials of the day.

“I am the Mayor of Meaux” he declared, welcoming us to his city, and then enquiring of our origins, expectations and so forth before giving us a run down on the highlights of the district.   

He wished us well, and departed as quickly as he had arrived having no doubt so overcome by being in our presence that he'd completely forgotten to ask if we’d like something to drink.   


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