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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Testing Time -
Joigny to Sens

It wasn’t a particularly pleasant day on the river today, not that it was unpleasant, but if today was a computer game, the degree of difficulty would be “advanced”.

It was the wind that did it, it would screech across the river blowing up little showers of spray, sending the bow of the boat in any direction but the one marked “intended”, and that was just in the lulls.  When it really puffed, it brought actual waves with it and we found ourselves pounding down river wondering if there would be respite, but there didn’t seem to be and we would have stopped had there been anywhere logical or protected to do so.

But there wasn’t, and we are on a bit of a mission now to get to Paris, so we soldiered on, until Sens was clearly in our sights.   

Sadly for us, Sens was in the sights of the “Train of Wood” as well, and we arrived to find that all who had been mooring on the town quay had been evicted on its behest, and had selfishly consumed all the little nooks and crannies that one can usually find when there is nowhere else to go.   Since the eviction notices had been served a few hours before we arrived, and there were no signs actually preventing us from pulling in, we thought we might just settle not far from the madding crowd, but far enough away so as not to intrude.   For that little manoeuvre we were rewarded by a cheery wave and welcome from the entourage, some of whom we are almost on first name terms with.  Perhaps we don’t actually know names as such, but we know each other to wave at least.

Tomorrow, we will sneak away before they are awake, and we will look more carefully at their schedule lest when we get to the next town the good spots are taken too.

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