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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Change of view -

We moved this morning, down one lock and eight hundred metres across the river.   Now we have a view of the city, and no shade, which as it turns out is no bad thing when one is trying to get sheets and towels dry on a clothes line.   

We didn’t really want to move, and we certainly aren’t tired of living in the park, but we were starting to grow roots.  If we weren't in need of a top-up of our water, we may well have remained under our tree in the park for the foreseeable future.   It’s probably just as well that we did, as we are already a day late in leaving according to the little schedule we have to get us into Paris next week.  Besides  it’s quite pleasant watching out over the waterfront activity of the old town even if it is just for one night. 


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Jack said...

This is a really pretty scene. Catching up on your voyage.

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