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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Where the chicken crossed the road -

Anyone who has been to Moret-sur-Loing will know that it is truly a fairyland.  With it’s gate towers and wonky buildings and waterfalls and mill wheels it’s been the inspiration for artists for centuries.  It’s so sweet and if one needed proof it’s the place where barley sugar was actually invented and the original sugar shop is still there four hundred years later.

But it’s the pedestrian crossings that are a complete highlight.

There are quiet a few places in the village where pedestrians are completely unsighted and traffic is heavy, where there is no vehicular calming or warning of impending doom, places that would benefit from the odd crossing or two. 

A block away from the centre though, it’s looks as though there was a truck laden with crossings which hit a bump, causing the crossings to fall off the truck, sticking where they weren’t actually intended to be.

I suspect that it’s no easy thing to pick up a pedestrian crossing once its fallen on a road, so thinking on their feet, the workers simply added lights and buttons to push so they wouldn’t look like a mistake.  

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