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Saturday, June 13, 2015

We have coffee again -

The sort of person who just has to know what is around every bend could spend a lifetime in Auxerre, and never find out.  

We do of course spend at least some of our day simply wandering aimlessly down the streets, marvelling at the intactness of it all and wondering what tales could be told in a town whose history has as many twists and turns as its streets.

Somewhere, in the midst of the labyrinth and just around a corner, there is a little shop which sells parts for little Italian stove-top coffee pots.   That these parts are sold at all would indicate that we should not feel too embarrassed about having lost them, even if having lost them “overboard” is quite possibly the most unforgivable sin on a cruising boat. 

I would go as far as to suggest that if one is to lose anything overboard, losing a part or two of one’s coffee making gadget is about as bad as things get.   But lose them he did and were it not for the duplicate pot we have aboard we may well have suffered a far greater crisis than the one we have for the past week or so.

Armed with the new-found parts though, when Ron and Robin breezed by on their way to Iceland, we could sit in our little shady spot and have our coffee all at once rather than in shifts.

Civilisation has returned.


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