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Monday, June 01, 2015

Back to work -

Those who know me well enough will know that when I say I’ll fix something, I will fix it.

There is absolutely no need to remind me every six months.

Somewhere tangled in the boat hooks is a length of curtain track that’s been kicking around the boat for a year or two I suspect, waiting for the moment when the orbital paths of a pair of unknown astral bodies are on collision course, when it will be cut to size and fitted.  Today was clearly that day.  Perhaps it was the dereliction in Ted’s boatyard that spurred both of us on, the reminder that eventually the sum of jobs that need doing will exceed the sum of the ones marked “completed” if we just lie around waiting for them to do themselves.

Besides, they were simple one minute tasks not to be put off a minute longer:  

Remove curtain track from old window.   Drill holes for new tracks.   Break drill bit midway through the second hole.  Cycle five kilometres to the nearest drill bit supplier.  Finish drilling holes.  Break screws inserting them into undersized holes.   Discover the “hole filling gunk” has run out.   Wonder if drill bit supplier sells screws…..

Is this the sort of thing that caused the people who own those boats to give up?

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