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Friday, June 12, 2015

At home in the park -

In a way our arrival in Auxerre marks the end of a particularly nostalgic part of our journey, for it is right here in the park that we met ups with Graham and Iris before heading on the reverse route to the one we have just followed all those years ago.   That journey was the foundation of our successive years and it was at the end of it coincidentally that we found our "Joyeux".

The park isn’t exactly an unpleasant place to stay, it’s a few hundred metres to the centre of the town, shaded, pretty and beside a little weir where children swim each afternoon and we are grateful to the city fathers who have left the old mooring rings in place from times gone by, enabling vagrants on boats to simply stop at will.

The port for pleasure boats is as crowded and barren and shadeless as the park is not, and as these things go not inexpensive. In a day or two when the temperature is set to moderate a bit, we will drift off in that direction and make our little contribution to their coffers, but until then we’re very happy to be park people.

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