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Friday, June 19, 2015

Sweet! -

Why not begin the day with a visit to Moret’s world famous bicycle museum?  

Well that would be silly when there is a perfectly terrific bakery in town and a perfectly functioning coffee gadget on our stove, so we began sensibly instead with Mille Feuille (which the less worldly among us may still refer to as “Vanilla Slice”), and coffee.   I suppose in the interest of accuracy, that wasn’t strictly the beginning of the day either, but it should suffice to say that by the time we’d wandered around the waterfalls and mill races and all the other bits that we love so much about this village, it was perilously close to “the bicycle museum is closed for lunch” time.

We needn’t have worried though, because when we finally got there the bicycle museum was closed “unless you are ten people” and then it will open only if you have an appointment.  We did a quick head count and coming up with eight too few to arrange an appointment, wandered home once again happily through the postcard in which we currently live, for a little rest and regrouping.

The Barley Sugar museum tried the old “we’re closed today” trick on us yesterday, so after lunch it was our turn to catch it unawares, sneaking up on it at a time when it was temporarily open for business.   It transpires that not only was Barley Sugar invented in this very town, but the recipe (often imitated, never copied) is to this day kept in a safety deposit box, handed down from generation to generation known only to the current custodian of the secret.

It’s been sold from the same building since the mid 1600’s too, so we imagine that the plant and equipment for tax purposes at least has been fully depreciated by now.

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