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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Another day another waterfall.

Here, in order of appearance are the legendary Fruit Bat, Elliot, and Twin Falls which, in the wet season become enormous torrents of white water which are entirely inaccessible    For reasons which are not clear, they are three of the very rare swimming holes on the entire Cape where one can enter the water without fear of crocodile attack.

I know it's not cool to make broad assumptions about things based on outward appearance, but do all waterfalls look the same to you?  

I have to say they all feel the same to me, which is to say; unpleasantly cool.  I am not a subscriber to the "it's all right once you are in" school of thought, particularly if it's already "all right", right there on the bank without having to go through all that "getting in".  Then there's the return to the car, dripping wet trudge along red dirt pathways kicking up minute quantities of apparently magnetic dust, which cakes on one's lower extremities to such an extent that by the time the carpark is in sight, legs are looking as though they've spent half an hour in a Tandoori Oven.

"all right" indeed!

Besides, someone has to look after the towels and take the photos.


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