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Tuesday, December 14, 2021


 It's a matter of statistical fact that this year has been the biggest ever in terms of tourism for the Cape.  This  has been due almost entirely to the fact that not only has Australia been closed, preventing overseas travel in any direction, but our state borders have also been closed sporadically effectively preventing escape.

At the time we were in the far North, in quick succession Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria effectively invoked hard borders, prohibiting entry from any other state so we all find ourselves driving in very, very large circles while keeping the nasty virus entirely somewhere else.  Large numbers of Victorians, and to a lesser extent New South Welshmen, traditionally used to travelling north to avoid their rather harsher winter, found themselves effectively stranded although we haven't met one who is in a rush to get home.

The result of all that is that even the more remote campsites need to be shared with others.   This is not a terrible thing, but it's a long way from the isolated wilderness many expect.  

Mostly the neighbours seem quite nice.

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