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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

One last beachside lunch

 We were with Chris and Phil under a clear blue sky, the biggest worry we had was to decide what kind of fish we'd have with our chips for lunch, when the call came, and with it the photographs of highways filled with "escaping" vehicles.

Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast had a small Covid outbreak, and had been placed into Lockdown.

One would think, in that situation, where the risk of catching a sometimes fatal disease was high, that the majority of people would knuckle down, lock themselves in, and minimise their risk.   To their credit that's what the majority of people did.

However, a small minority, enough to fill two lanes of highway heading out of town, apparently decided that they would be better off living out of the lockdown zone, and if they had been exposed to the virus they were more than happy to assist in its distribution into the wider community by going on holiday.

At that point, unvaccinated and feeling quite vulnerable, it was not difficult to decide that we'd be safer in our own home in a community with minimal transmission than taking our chances with these ill-intentioned refugees.

The only decision we could take was to curtail the rest of our planned journey, and return to base.


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