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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Never smile at a crocodile.

I've talked about them often enough over the last few weeks, and for those who think that nothing happened unless there is a photograph, this old girl is not in a zoo, she's sunbaking no more than ten metres from us and not at all oblivious to our presence.  

In the past fortnight, we've seen others from a distance, spotted down creeks and estuaries, and one paddling happily past us on a river, but we wisely waited until we reached the Daintree to get a bit more up close and personal, with the benefit of local knowledge and a nice secure boat.

If you wish to see crocs without either of those two things it would be advisable to have your affairs well and truly in order before you leave home.

This is THEIR territory,  they are in abundance and on this little jaunt we were fortunate enough to see a large male swimming in from the sea in search of love no doubt, confident enough to pass a metre or so from our boat.   

Of course the Daintree rainforest is full of other wonders and sights, and there's an icecream shop that makes its product from all sorts of exotic nuts and berries, but they can wait for another time.  It was the crocs we had come to meet.

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