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Sunday, December 26, 2021

One last beachside campsite

At the time we couldn't have known that the little caravan park at Armstrong Beach was to be our last beachside campsite for this trip.   

We would not have done anything differently had we known, but I've managed now to fill two paragraphs without the need to describe in detail the "nothing" we did all afternoon while the water lapped metres from our repose.

We found it quite by accident which is absolutely the best way of finding things of course, and it was chock-a-block full, not a space left sorry, booked out for months in advance.  At a time when every caravan that ever there was was running round in circles looking for somewhere to stay this story had repeated itself all the way down the coast since Cooktown.

Fortunately we had become very adept at looking quite sad and disappointed, and equally fortunately each time we have met kind and amenable proprietors who after taking a look at our "tiny" van, always seem to find a spot "if it's just for one night and we don't need power".

We have discovered that between sites 24 and 25 in every caravan park, not shown on the site map, but there none the less, is "site 24A".  Sometimes a nice person has to move his car to reveal it, because it's exactly the size of a parked car as luck would have it, but it's been there all the time and we are always delighted when it appears as indeed we were this night.

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