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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Lockdown (and out.)

 It was a bit of an anticlimax after all that, to be returning into a lockdown zone.  Those last few hundred kilometres were quite bizarre in the absence of any traffic, with those escapees long gone to places further north.

Quite coincidentally this story ends on the eve of a new year as we learn to deal with our first real wave of Covid, "living with" it as we are often reminded.

In the intervening period, we haven't completed the van, we have enjoyed a few short times away which were enjoyable but quite  unremarkable.   We lost a mother of course, and somehow remained stupidly busy working on other projects.

This journey will continue, that road south is open now and in a few weeks we might even be able to return should we dare leave our state.  Whether the next leg is to be reported as it unfolds or as a retrospective as has been this case, we won't know until it begins, but you will know as soon as we do.

Stay tuned, as they say, for the next exciting episode, or if you wish, for a few that will be quite dull as we clear our decks and minds for the road ahead.

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