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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Back to Civilisation

 One day, a long time ago when Lily was barely able to talk, she and I were walking with her Dad, when she suddenly pronounced:

"I've got a good idea!  Let's go and get some fresh prawns and some bread and go home and have lunch."

Eight or nine years later, none of us can see a sign advertising "fresh seafood" without having that very same idea.   

Port Douglas is on the verge of proper civilisation, one of those cross-over places where those with more disposable money than others go to experience the edge of the wilderness and the same sorts of boutiques, galleries, coffee shops and bakeries they have in their trendy suburbs at home, while wearing floral shirts and bare feet and dreaming of moving there permanently.

That of course made it the perfect place to buy some fresh prawns and some funky bread for a "Lily Lunch" a bit further down the road.

Oh, and the coffee was superb and our introduction to "Cronuts" - (yes folks, deep fried croissants are an actual thing) was sublime.   


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