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Friday, December 24, 2021

The virus is back

In travel-time we were at the end of July 2020.  

That was a time when the further north one travelled in the state of Queensland, the less real any threat of virus seemed.  In fact, the less real the virus seemed.

We cannot begin to explain to our friends in other places just how free of the virus we were.  If you think of the number zero, you are getting very close to the amount of infection in our state, and exactly the amount of concern that many people had for its spread.   As soon as a case bobbed up, the community would be sent into a sharp lockdown, and it would be contained.   In retrospect perhaps by a combination of good management and sheer luck it was an astonishingly successful tactic.

Yet there we were in Airlie Beach, barely 1,200 kilometres north of the border infestation with signs that people were taking it seriously.  Or were they actually taking the you-know-what out of us?

Whoever was responsible for this attack on sensibility, with equal opportunity firmly at the forefront, handily modifying the braille sign as well so that the sightless among us could join in the fun with the aid of duct tape, so that it now reads "FEMJEDEJ".

I suspect this an abbreviation for "Nothing to see here", but I could be wrong.


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