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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The long and winding road...

There's no way of escaping it, the road south is the same as the one north, we are just heading in the other direction.   The corrugations are no fewer, but there is one tiny improvement in the quality of our journey - the wind is predominantly from the east, so the dust blowing across the road clears from our field of view just a few seconds earlier  than it did on the way up.   It's not much, but it's welcome.

We left the others this morning just before a bit of Matt's suspension fell apart.  Luckily being a Toyota, to cut a long adventure short,  he was able to find a similar part in a wreck not far from where the incident occurred, (the last of those particular parts not scavenged as it turns out, such is the apparent demand)  and they were back on the road in almost no time.   

Strangely we haven't seen any Transporter Van bodies by the wayside, so perhaps we should have been quite thankful that we haven't needed parts (or don't own a Toyota).

We'll rejoin them in Cooktown in a day or two, while they head off into the wilds in search of fish, crabs and sunburn.

In the meantime, the road is not the longest in one stretch, nor the dustiest we've been on, so we'll enjoy it for what it is.

The curious among you, who may wish to see a longer, dustier trail we travelled long ago should CLICK HERE for a photo of the Plenty Highway. 

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