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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Love can be a bitter disappointment and so can seafood cafes.

One of us is less, shall we say, computer literate than the other.  She wouldn't know where to look to find an online review.  The other is all bitter and cynical about them anyway, preferring the old "seat of the pants" method of discovering new and wonderful places.

One of us thinks that giant crabs on the corner of cafes is a sure sign that the place is full of charm and promise.  The other isn't sure when he sees "Barista Coffee" for $2.00, a sign below the cash register that begins "Aliens Prefer..." . When "Try our Famous Fish" takes equal billing to "Internet Travel and Freight" one should immediately consider something is awry.

Never the less, Cardwell is noted, if not "famous" for its seafood offerings, so we gave each other that "how can we go wrong" shrug and went in anyway.  It IS a pretty spot,  right on the waterfront with only four lanes of highway separating it from the beach.

This is not a food blog, neither is it a place where anyone should come to read reliable reviews of restaurants.  

Mostly we do try to take care with grammar and diction and occasionally caution those who err in the placing of apostrophes.

Therefore may we respectfully suggest having thrown caution to the wind and actually partaken of the fare in the above establishment, that the proprietors of the Cardwell Seaview Cafe might set the world right, and us at ease, by considering the replacement of the word "FAMOUS" in their billboard, with "NOTORIOUS".


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cara said...

You are very amusing. Will give it a wide berth next time I'm passing through.

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