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Thursday, July 04, 2024


Despite the impression we might accidentally give from time to time, our cruising life is not just about lolling about and eating chocolate.

There are waffles as well.

And there’s walking, quite a lot of walking.  Walking to get groceries, walking to take the rubbish to the bin, walking to see things.  There’s no escaping it, even on those rare days when we don’t leave the boat, we can do many thousands of steps (but who’s counting?) and the boat is only ten metres long overall, barely seven inside.  

Therefore when Dave and Ria suggested we might like to go for a little drive this afternoon we leaped at the chance to walk the kilometre or so to their garage, buckled in and headed for the Netherlands.  It’s easy to remain quite nonchalant at the prospect of trans border travel, when one realises the distance to the border is barely as far as it is to the hardware store and back, but the village of Sluis is at least twenty kilometres away.  

It’s a pretty, quasi touristic shopping centre that seems to exist almost solely for Belgians looking for bargains, and a range of local foodstuffs, or simply an afternoon out.

There is even a working windmill to pose for photographs.

Just to demonstrate that we don’t require a boat for lolling about there was coffee too.

And yes, (rolls eyes), poffertjes.


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