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Thursday, July 04, 2024



Rain is not our preferred weather when moving on.   

We have to put up with it of course from time to time, but with the forecast looking quite miserable today we abandoned our admittedly hastily drawn plan to leave this morning, and replaced it with “let’s fix the windscreen wipers”, a job that’s been on our list for quite some time.

Fortunately I’d bought a new blade and arm a couple of years ago and they’d been rolling around underfoot in my little helm station to remind me they needed installing “when I had ten minutes to spare’.  

This lack of activity has meant that things have been a bit awkward on board from time to time while moving in the rain, as one of us has had to don her wet weather gear, duck outside with a squeegee in hand while the other had to multi task, contemporaneously steering and pointing to bits she had missed all the while ensuring his coffee didn’t spill.  She swears she didn’t mind, but even someone with fewer than fifty years of bliss under their belt would be aware that there was probably an end date to that arrangement.

A “ten minute job” on a boat of the age and heritage of ours never takes ten minutes, so it was not unexpected that the boat interior resembled a car boot sale by the time we’d finished.

However, with new electrical connections at both ends, a note to replace the switch at some time in the future, and a new wiper blade and arm assembled from components of various bits and bobs that “might come in handy” it is with some relief and a good deal of satisfaction that we can say we have a reliable wiper for the first time in a very long time.

Tomorrow, we will be on our way, rain, hail or shine!



Anonymous said...

Success of a good repair has to be putting everything back together and it working. Then finding 1 little piece and having no idea where it went, but since it works is it needed.

bitingmidge said...

Ahh yes, but I save all those little pieces and the wiper repair used a couple of them! :-)

Ken M said...

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