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Saturday, July 06, 2024


We tried not to be too ambitious today with a weather forecast for unpleasant conditions tending towards horrible in spots, but as things always do, they turned out well enough with just the right amount of inclement to give the windscreen wipers a nice test to boot.

Wind can be a bit of a problem for us and it did blow quite hard from time to time, but due to some sort of inverse law of nature to the one that usually applies when we are on the boat, it dropped out just enough to make manoeuvring possible each time we needed to enter a lock or avoid an obstacle or a three thousand tonne ship.

At times, with wind and current against us, despite Mr Perkins’ valiant efforts to push us along, making headway was a bit of a struggle, but struggle he did although there’s been a return of his incontinence and we are seriously beginning to wonder if after four and a half decades, the pumps he drives are beginning to feel their age too.

Tomorrow, the forecast is “worse than today”, which makes us think we might plan to do not much at all.

Will we get out and explore Tournai?  

That’s a question for tomorrow.


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