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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A holiday is as good as a change.

One can almost see Paris from the top of the Rechicourt lock early in the morning, or at least at 9:00 which is early as these things go. The rain is clearing for a bit just to prove the weathermen wrong and we quite like it when they are in this case, but there seems little doubt that they will be increasingly correct with their predictions for rain and more rain for the next few days. Even without the rain, some of the wind gusts we experienced today made me think that a smart person would be thinking about heading to London, perhaps with a day in Paris enroute.

The taxi is booked for 9:00 tomorrow and if we can find a train to take us there, that's exactly what we'll do.

It's a strange feeling preparing to leave life afloat for a time. We've barely been aboard for two months, yet feel as though it's been all of our lives.

We've even set an alarm to help us adapt to the old ways.

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