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Monday, September 20, 2010

The sun came up again today and at that very moment we were in France. It would be a bit unkind to say that we hadn't seen the sun for a while, but quite accurate to say we haven't seen sun like this. Warm sun that comes out of a blue sky and glistens on the top of the water and makes us alternately squint and not squint as its reflections joggle about.

We thought we'd quite settled into life in London, and we did rather like pottering about and being with the kids. We liked it a lot.

As soon as we arrived at the harbour though, we both felt strangely, warmly, at home. Perhaps when it's 8° in the morning and we haven't got the heater working we'll feel quite differently, but for now we are home and busting to see if Mr Perkins loves us enough to take us somewhere for those three short weeks we have left in his company this year.

Five weeks to go, three on the boat, and we are on our way back to our other home (or the one the Main Roads Department owns to be technically correct) and we'll have to think about things for a bit, like where to put our stuff next year for instance. Five weeks. More than most people have away at one time without taking long service leave, and yet we are seeing it as a winding down time in a sense. We are fighting to remain in a state of being here, not moving into one of packing up.

Perhaps it's the subsonic travel that addles us so. It's bizarre being able to watch the speed of the train on one's phone, and even more bizarre, when one accidentally plots a walking trail, to see the little animated man running across the screen at 313 kilometres per hour, and wondering if he'll have a conniption.

We thought long and hard about the pace he was running, and not keeping up with him, and what to do about slowing down the next five weeks a tad.

We haven't reached any conclusions, but until we do, we'll just lie here in a warm spot, reading for a bit.

We'll let you know when we've worked it out.

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