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Friday, September 24, 2010


Leaks are like rust, they never stop. The rain has given a great excuse just to fiddle with things, but one of the problems with trying to finish off fixing job in the rain is that there's water everywhere and one can't tell if the leak has stopped or not, then if it has and the bolts are made of metal, which mostly they are, the condensation starts forming on them and they look as though they are leaking anyway even if they aren't.

The other problem with fixing the big leaks is that the little ones now seem big, but at least we are down to one at each end of the boat, and since each is centred over a bed, we should be able to tell easily enough when they are fixed easily enough. Of course the little ones are the hardest to fix, so it remains to be seen whether anything gets done or not.

Then there are the leaks from the pumps in the loos, which are also on the list, and armed with a pocket full of fresh "O"rings after a big shopping adventure, we'll see what we can do about them tomorrow. I am not sure what we'll do with all the strategically located "Wettex'" when there are no more drips.

And a leak of the news variety too, with word this morning that my hardcover catalogue of paintings has been acquired by the Australian National Library, adding another option as to how I may now describe myself. "Chuffed" seems to sum it all up nicely.

As if to confirm that we have but one thing on our mind, even the groceries ended up capped with a big bunch of a certain vegetable that is locally known as poireau, which can only mean one thing: leek and turkey pie for lunch one day soon!

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