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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Too much thinkin'!

The day dawned even more cheerfully than we did this morning and there was absolutely nothing that would prevent any of us taking a long stroll through Kensington Palace Gardens and Hyde Park. Coffee by the Serpentine to ensure we had a top up of sun dancing on water and ducks, and of course a stroll along the perimeter to view the Sunday displays of artistic endeavour, some of which failed to exhibit either art or endeavour, despite our silent criticisms there were no apparent misgivings about the depth of talent exuding from those attempting to sell their wares.

While it seemed that it would be wise to pack up a lot of the work on display before the street refuse collectors arrived, there were some among the throng who could only be described as "undiscovered". I found myself inexplicably confronting my old misgivings about my own stuff, once again riding the waves of uncertainty which roll in without logic whenever I start to think about chewing what I have bitten off in the art world.

But as if to allay if not completely exorcise my thoughts, we received a call with news that all continues to be very well received in Orleans apparently, with feedback since the "soft" opening of the exhibition being brilliantly positive. Logically not only are we well beyond the point of no return, but with the exception of a sale or two have already managed a successful outcome by our own measures and we have a plan to visit there next week, at which time I'm sure those questionable feelings will give way to smug satisfaction then!

Perhaps we need to return to the Sundays of a year or two ago, when we didn't have time to think!

Or perhaps not.

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