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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Just before the sun goes down, things go deathly quiet, and that's the way they stay till well after the sun comes up again.

Unless Joel and Cindy are in town and they happen to find a spot for their motorhome just beside the very spot we've moored, not that things are anything but deathly quiet for a long time after the sun comes up, but before it goes down there's a dull roar from within Joyeux that goes on for longer than we would consider polite if we weren't here ourselves. After nearly ten years driving round Europe they've been considering swapping the truck for a boat but are having some serious problems with the lack of pace, noting that by their calculations we've travelled six kilometres in the past week. That is not quite true though, we've done the sums and we happen to know that it's nine kilometres and in the coming four days we'll travel another thirty, so we will have averaged almost twenty a week for the fortnight and we can't see anything slow about that.

Between us we have travel just about right though, we get to poke along with our route defined and our itinerary uncertain, while they dart from Paris to Belgium to Koblenz via Morocco and every now and then they manage to track us down for a grand reunion and we start the process again.

On further reflecton, our numbers for the coming week will be bigger than theirs though. We will have been through Paris and will be in London by its end, travelling at a different pace again, it will be interesting to see if we have slowed enough to feel the weight of the cities when we are there, whether we have acclimatised to this life to the extent that we will miss the stillness as we leave our world to become tourists in another.

We can certainly feel the weight of another day in Lutzelbourg.

Damn that Patisserie!

Damn Joel and his endless Moroccan dinners!

And while I am at it, damn travelling at six kilometres per week as well!

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