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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Progress, and no progress

Well that's that then. Seventy-three hull bolt penetrations successfully sealed, nine left to do with all the windows next summer, a heap of tidying up in the bilges done, and a truckload of fibreglass work prepared for the chaps, two knuckles still have skin on them too so we might just quit while we are ahead.

Perhaps I should note at this point that one mongrel bolt fitting just won't get the hint and it's going to stay that way for now. I was concerned about it at the time, I couldn't properly dry the balsa core it penetrates and it's been weeping tannin stained droplets ever since. I'm sure it's just old damage working it's way out because there isn't a heap of tannin in Balsa as I recall.  I haven't quite given up on it, but in the spirit of all things "I may not be good but by golly I'm expensive" I have a plan to catch all those drops until our return in April.

After all, we've drawn a line in the sand, the tools are back under the floor where they belong. The ship is once again ship-shape and we are leaving in the morning.

All we have to do is top up our fuel this afternoon and we are fully prepared.

Mr Perkins?


No, I can't hear you, can you hear me? I'm the one with the key turned to the dot labelled "START".

Ahh, now I remember why we don't make plans. Once again we find ourselves waiting for Michel, perhaps he'll be here tomorrow.  It's time for a Bex and a bit of a lie down I think, or perhaps dinner with Jacques and Maggie instead.

Yes, that will do just fine.

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