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Friday, October 01, 2010

Cruising again

When we did get going it was just down to the lock and back because we didn't want to overdo this travel thing now that we are back in cruising mode, no longer tripping over tools at every turn. No, we thought, it's late, lets just ease ourselves in, warm everything up, specially the contents of the hot water tank, and sit back and perhaps we'll leave tomorrow after we've had a proper hot shower.

We are definitely back in the zone where time doesn't matter, which which was fortuitous really as earlier today Mr Perkins was in no more of a mood to take us anywhere than he was yesterday. In his defence, he gave us a glorious day in port and with Michel running exactly not on time, we were still here late in the afternoon, to witness the triumphant return of "our girls", one of the Aussie families we'd seen off barely a week ago in one of the charter boats.

Watching hirers depart from "our" pontoon is a bit like being a parent sending kids off to camp. We have a brief encounter as each party arrives to take charge of their vessel, in a mood of expectation with a little apprehension. If we are here for the return it is usually triumphant, full of excitement with tales of adventure and new lands conquered and "our girls" were no different. They returned keen to share their enthusiasm, and we just as keen to share in it.

It's like some sort of affirmation of our lifestyle decision!

They've fired us up, we might even leave in the morning, now that Michel has once again worked his wizardry.

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