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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It was definitely a bug, so even thought it's Julian's birthday, I unsociably stayed in bed while he opened his presents. In a bedsit that has only room for two beds in the one room if the rest of the furniture is stacked on itself, that is probably not entirely a capital sin, and in my defence I could keep an eye on the proceedings by arching my neck just a little, but it was unsociable none the less.

I slept on and off until the sun came up, which today for my benefit didn't occur until almost three in the afternoon, just enough time to shower and pronounce myself to be more sociable before Jules arrived home, and to plan (there's that word again) our movements for the coming week.

All the while the flag flying above Whiteleys' somewhat less than stately pleasure dome served as a constant reminder of my whereabouts, should my memory start to fail inexplicably, and the hydrangeas on the sill cheered me up no end.

Cheered me because they were full of colour, light and vibrance in contrast to the shades of grim surrounding them?

Well no, it's just that clearly they felt a lot worse than I do.

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Annie said...

love the light.

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