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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another Slice?

We thought for a time that our chocolate cake of yesterday had been for nought.  The promised sunshine seemed a long way off as the day dawned darker than grey.  It was so much darker than grey that the street lights were still lit as we had our breakfast coffee, and while we don't have an accurate measure of humidity, we could hear large drops of it falling on our roof, which seemed to be a fair indication that it might be dampish outside.

As we motored off through the autumn once again however, contemplating whether to waste another piece of chocolate cake on someone who clearly wasn't up to speed on this weather manufacturing business, the sun burst through for long enough to take three photographs as evidence that we were there when it did.

As he drank more of our coffee and ate the last of our cake, he promised us that the next few days would be sensational and as if he owed us something, he called on a mate or two to give him a hand to get us through the chain of locks lest we should get caught and have to wait till the conclusion of the sacred lunch hour.   That was kind of him, but of course it meant we had no excuse to stop for lunch ourselves, so we pressed on to Gondrexange where the weather reminded us that it wasn't tomorrow yet, and we decided to keep moving until it was, or at least until it was closer.

With that single decision we found that we were in travel mode once more, anxious to get "there", thinking that perhaps we were travelling at less than the customary six kilometres per hour, timing ourselves to make sure we hadn't slowed.   Then we wondered where "there" actually is.

We have no sense of heading "home".  We are slowly turning round,  heading back to visit children and friends and play with grandchildren, and the house we rent from the Government, but home for us very clearly now, is where our handbag is.

For tonight, home is in the middle of a forest of yellow and red and green, with a carpet of freshly fallen leaves across our waterway, the rain has stopped and there is a postage stamp of blue in a corner of the sky.   

Perhaps it just takes two slices of cake for him to get it right. 


Anonymous said...

Have i been naive or unobservant, but it's starting to freak me out the way the ads alongside your blog are related almost EXACTLY to your rambilings... coffee ads today and even an ad for garden tools on your Daily blog coinciding with the mention of an axe!!! and there have been others :) Mand

bitingmidge said...

Be careful Mand, the ads even know where you've been!

They have eyes (apparently).


Joan Elizabeth said...

Well I'm freaking out because the big picture ad lately is always from a certain company I would rather forget about in the evening. I'm beginning to wish for the return of the latin lovers ... perhaps I should visit some different sites to convince the ad engine that I have other interests.

Love the Autumn colour.

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